#SMByyc66 – July 31, 2015: What I learned from my crowdfunding campaign.


Market on Macleod  |  Breakfast Sponsor – Alberta BoostR








Social Media Breakfast Calgary #66
8:30 am – 10:30 am, Friday, July 31, 2015
Market on Macleod

Calgary Social Media Breakfast (SMByyc) is pleased to announce the July 2015 Topic: What I learned from my crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding is the process of raising dollars to fund a project or business venture through many donors using an online platform.

Join us as our panel discusses crowdfunding projects they have created. Panelists will share what they learned thru the process, if they would do it again and what they would do differently.

Q & A time will give you an opportunity to ask your questions.


If you are not able to attend, follow and join in on the discussion @SMByyc via #SMByyc65.


About the Event

When:          Friday, July 31st, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.
Where:         Market on Macleod
7711 Macleod Trail S., Calgary, AB   T2G 5E1
(formerly Kingsland Farmers Market)

Cost:            There is no fee to attend a Social Media Breakfast.

Parking:       There is a huge FREE parking lot.



Panel Moderator:   Victoria Bennett
Victoria Bennett is a motivated, goal focused B2B and B2C full-service marketing consultant, experienced manager and product manager with strong commercial achievements. A scientist by training, She has built on this understanding to support oil and gas service companies, telecommunications and healthcare. Based out of Calgary, Western Canada but with global experience she creates an environment for success, by being a team player and thought leader. She is committed to understanding customer needs to develop products, services and brands that resonate with the target customer and achieve aggressive sales targets, profitably.

Twitter:        @VikiBennett
Email:          victoriamabennett@gmail.com


Chris Hsiung  |  Hidden Story Productions

Chris Hsiung is the founder of Hidden Story Productions. He seeks to create documentary stories which contribute to a collective narrative that is more compassionate, intelligent and just. Chris was selected to be an Artist-in-Residence in Calgary 2012 where he produced “The Spirit of Sport”. His first international short doc “Flood of Change” was selected for the Global Justice Film Festival 2013. Now, after two years of research, filming, and editing, Chris is debuting his first feature documentary “Elder in the Making”, a film about a journey of reconciliation between a Blackfoot aboriginal and a Chinese newcomer.

Twitter:        @hiddenstorypro

Website:       http://hiddenstory.ca

Hidden Story Funding Project


Eric Boudreau  |  Escape Capers YYC

Eric Boudreau is the owner of Escape Capers YYC, a real escape room facility opening this summer in Calgary. He brings his education in philosophy and mathematics, his experiences working in the Calgary film industry, and a lifetime of gaming to the role.

Twitter:        @EscapeCapersYYC

Instagram:   Instagram.com/EscapeCapersYYC

Escape Capers YYC Funding Project


Jessica McCarrel  |  Kaffeeklatsch
Calgary’s Kaffeeklatsch is more than a place to get a coffee fix: it’s a popup mobile coffee station in a 25-square-foot pantry in CommunityWise Resource Centre, a building with a solid history of social justice work.

Twitter:        @kaffeeyyc

Kaffeeklatsch Funding Project

Shannon Hoover  |  Calgary Maker Foundation
Shannon is an innovator and technologist as well as leader in the Maker community. He is devoted to improving his community and world through subversive change and art directed engineering. Pastimes include developing cool wearable technology projects and hosting awesome events, like Make Fashion and Calgary Mini Maker Faire. A retired farm boy, his career spans both art and technology, and between trips to Maker Faires you can find him working on the next big thing at Canada’s first Wearables lab, ARCHELoft.

Twitter:        @shahoo

MakeFashion to Shenzhen Funding Project




Venue Sponsor:  Market on Macleod

Market on Macleod – A modern day town square. You can find us in the heart of Calgary, one kilometer south of Chinook nestled between Heritage Drive SW and Glenmore Trail SW.

Market on Macleod invites you, your family, your friends and your neighbours to visit us at the market.  We offer fresh greens, peaches, cherries, squash, apples and the scent of roasting chilies will capture your senses with each phase of the growing season.  We will delight your taste buds and inspire your daily cuisine with samples and recipes.

Farm fresh pies, baked goods, flowers and local honey will capture your senses and the feeling of home at Market on Macleod.  Local artisans join Market on Macleod with handmade soaps, oils, jewelry, clothing, pottery and more. Meet your friends or make new ones, at the market each week while you enjoy great produce, samples, live music, and events.

We are your family, we are your friends and we are your neighbours – Come see us today and experience the difference at Market on Macleod!!!

Real Food, Real People

Twitter:        @MarketonMacleod

Instagram:   Instagram.com/MarketonMacleod


Breakfast Sponsor:  Alberta BoostR

Alberta BoostR  is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform from ATB Financial designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Alberta. Through Alberta BoostR, businesses can raise money, test ideas, and gain exposure and market insights from the “crowd” in exchange for a reward—a product, service, or fun/unique experience. We’re taking a different approach by offering entrepreneurs not only a crowdfunding platform through BoostR but also:

  • A team of supportive advisors entrepreneurs can reach out to before, during and after their crowdfunding journey.
  • Coaching and guidance through monthly Crowdfunding 101 workshops in Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Opportunities for exposure through pitch events and ATB’s marketing channels.

Harmeet (Neetu) Sidhu

Business Strategy Manager, Alberta BoostR at ATB Financial

Twitter:        @AlbertaBoostR 

Website:       http://www.albertaboostr.ca