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What is SMByyc?

Social Media is always evolving.

Calgary Social Media Breakfast (SMByyc) starts a conversation.

Beginning with the morning presentation, we start an authentic and honest conversation. That conversation expands from those present that morning, to build their network and gain strong relationships.

The SMByyc holds monthly events that are open to everyone.  Whether you are a social media expert, a local business looking to improve social media reach, or an individual wondering what a Twitter account is, SMByyc events will have takeaways from each meeting.

Social media oriented guest speakers share their experience and expertise, followed by an opportunity to network with a community of like-minded individuals. SMByyc connects the local thought leaders with social media practitioners.

Examples of SMByyc’s past 50 topic presentations include:

  • From Zero to Engaged: Ten Secrets to Get Your Community Rolling
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property Law as it Pertains to the Internet and Social Media
  • The Digital Athlete: Social Media and Sports
  • The Power of LinkedIn
  • Crowdfunding for Business
  • Back to the Future – Car to Car Communication

The international Social Media Breakfast (SMB) organization started its humble roots by founder, Bryan Person, in 2008. At the time, blogging was the main focus and Twitter was the new kid on the block. Today, SMB groups are in many major cities around the world.

No more than two dozen attended the first SMByyc at downtown Eau Clare by Calgary founder, Scott Baird of McQ Design Strategies, as a place for social media enthusiasts to discuss effective practices and new techniques. Donna McTaggart shared Scott’s vision from the beginning, and since since spring of 2011 has worked with a committee to put together events, hosted by a variety of venues.  The SMByyc team has worked diligently to grow to a strong community of 650+ on the email list, 3000+ on Twitter by their 50th event on March 28, 2014.

SMByyc has always been a predominately Twitter group. The LinkedIn group is building and as the group celebrated their 50th event joined Instagram.

There is no cost to attend a SMByyc. Coffee and a light breakfast are served. The SMByyc committee is a group of hard-working volunteers, and we rely on the generosity of our sponsors to bring you these monthly events.

SMByyc continues to work hard to make sure each breakfast is full of useful information, applicable and inspiring information and takeaways at each event.

SMByyc invites you to join us and network and share today’s best and worst examples of social media, as practiced by individuals, industries and organizations in Calgary and around the world.

If you have are looking for more about Social Media Breakfast, or might be interested in hosting or sponsoring an event, please feel free to contact us!